Open brief aan Jamie Oliver


Dear Jamie Oliver,

For many, many years I’ve been a huge supporter of your ongoing pursuit to change the way people eat. Your school dinners project, your books (they are all in my book case), your food revolution program and tv shows. They have always had teaching people how to eat and cook properly as their foundation.

Making a difference

When I started almost 5 years ago people asked if I wanted to be the Dutch Jamie Oliver, as most people know you’ve inspired me so much with what you have done and achieved over the years. That comparison is nothing but a compliment to me, as I too want to make a difference in the way families with kids eat, in restaurants and at home


And sure, you’ve done endorsements. With Tefal (I even have one of those pans in the kitchen) and others. Recently with Hello Fresh, about which I had my doubts but okay, it’s still about getting people to cook. Then I got an email saying you are launching readymade meals in the Netherlands. Something you’ve done before with Albert Heijn, for Christmas, a few years ago.


Before I go and judge, have an opinion or something else I got to thinking. Why would Jamie Oliver endorse readymade meals? The one person I trusted to stick to his beliefs, over money. Because, why would you do this? Honestly, I can’t (won’t) believe it’s a money thing only. Come on, you’re Jamie Oliver! There has to be a good reason for this. Because really, almost 4 euros for a packet of rainbow carrots? Why?

My one question for Jamie Oliver

So my one question for you is, can you tell me why? Why readymade meals? Why these prices that you know the average income could never afford? So many why’s about this new venture. Can you tell me why you’ve chosen to do this? Because quite simply, I really, really don’t get it…

Kindest regards,
one of your biggest fans

Susan Aretz

Gepubliceerd op 28 september 2016

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